Monday, February 22, 2010

To Do List...

To Do Lists... what can I say... does anyone actually complete ALL of their To Do list in the time they have allotted for themselves? In case you haven't noticed, I get distracted very easily (BUTTERFLY!) and find it hard to finish one task in a room when I notice a zillion other things needing to be done. For instance my to do list goes something like this..

1.Get Up (thats an easy one)
2. Get dressed
3. Laundry
4. Dishes
5. Vacuum carpet
6. Sweep floors
7. Clean bathroom
8. Make bed
9. Dust
10. Make Lunch

I have to say the first one isn't so hard, especially when lil J is crying and saying "mommmmmmmmmmammmamaamamam" :) He makes it worth it to get up, with his big toothy grin and instantaneous hug. Got to love that little guy!
The rest come a bit harder for me. I go to get the laundry all together and then separate them. While I'm separating them in the bathroom, I realize my sink is dirty, so I go and get some cleaning stuff. As I scrub away at the soap spots, toothpaste blobs and natural dirtiness, I realize I forgot to start my first load of laundry. (my washer/dryer are in my bathroom) Rushing over to start the laundry, I see the garbage can overflowing with lint from the dryer, so after starting the laundry, I take the trash bag to the kitchen, which is in serious need of some TLC. Looking around I see I only have a couple dishes in my dish pan under the sink (that way my wonderful hubby doesnt put them in my shining, gleaming sink) After emptying the dishwasher and putting the few dishes in, the dishwasher is started. Seems like a snap right? WRONG! The George Foreman grill we used the night before to grill chicken is still out and not clean. By this time, poor lil J is crying for a snack, so this seems like the perfect time to do snack time and take a load off and relax for a moment,,, that is until I see the family room. Here we go again! Do you have a "hotspot" in your house that always seems to have stuff all over it? No matter what you do, its the place you set things when you dont know where to put them? Well we have several of those as well,,, especially in our family room! One of these is the couch. A lot of the things J isnt supposed to play with such as the remote to the tv, the camera, the wii controllers, and sometimes his snacks end up there. It gets especially messy when someone sits down and the cushion comes up to swallow one of these important things. Our other hot spot is the end table that sits between our two chairs. You should have seen that thing when we were sick.. ugg! That being said, whenever I step down into the family room, those are the first places my eyes go to and *sigh* they are messy again! I start to clean them and realize J's jammies are still on the floor from when I changed him and got him dressed this morning. While taking them back to his hamper in his room, I get waylaid in the living room. There is a basket of baby clothes ready to be put away, that got stashed in there on the loveseat. Good! I'm heading that way anyway! When I get to his room, I just want to throw all his clothes in the closet, cause his room is so messy... and its not even his fault, its Mommy. His chest of drawers are coming apart and whenever I open them they either fall down or one actually had the front come off. Dear hubby said he would fix them if I got all the clothes out,,, but I havent gotten to that yet (I wonder why???!!! AHHH! lol) So I throw the clean clothes in the drawer sitting on the floor and the dirty clothes in the hamper, when I realize I need to do some baby laundry again , so here I am again in the laundry room, thinking to myself... I feel like I forgot to do something.... wonder what that was.....? Is it nap time yet?

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