Friday, February 19, 2010

Eating right, or eating fast...

Have you ever had the wonderful experience of accidentally missing a meal? Your starving and then hubby says, "so, isn't tonight your shopping night?" While on your mission for food, you throw almost anything in your cart, because everything looks sooooooooooo good til finally you huff and puff your way to the checkout line, pushing your 5 ton cart overflowing with meaningless carbs and sugary munchies.( After all, you have to get some exercise in before you indulge in that 6lb bag of discount valentine's candy you just bought.)
On the way home, your stomach is growling!! To stop or not to stop.. that is the question. Then another question presents itself,what food place is open at 8 almost 9pm? The answer inevitably presents itself in a glowing mecca of purple and pink with a bell proudly pealing in the middle. Yes! Taco Bell it must be! What better place to get food, fast? You walk in and peruse the menu of endless choices and combinations. (You 'd go through the drive - thru but your driver window is stuck and its no fun to open your door to order in 10 degree weather lol) After giving your order, you wait for your delicious, fast, grease laden meal. 5 minutes go by, you casually walk to the window on the left to peek and see how many people are in the drive - thru... none.... really? Another 5 minutes and you risk a peek in the back to see whats taking so long. 10 more minutes and your thinking to yourself... where is the manager? I thought this was supposed to be fast food! Finally, after a wait of 30 minutes your food arrives,,, lacking the general warmth your stomach is craving. *sigh* What would you do? Walk away grumbling and munching about how you'll never come here again? Or would you tear into the manager about how bad the service was? OR would you call the 1-800 number to complain? Hmmm... normally I would talk to a manager,,, but this actually happened to my husband. The manager felt sorry for him and gave him 4 cinnamon twists for free... what service.

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