Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everyday Heros

I was thinking the other day about our definition of a "Hero". Here in America the characterization of a hero is so broad, it could be anyone from your favorite drug dealer on the corner who never gets caught, to a football player who makes millions just to toss a ball a couple yards for a touchdown. We paste their pictures all over our rooms, computers, phones and anywhere else that adhesive sticks, just so we can gaze at them in admiration everytime we fail at something ourselves. That in itself isnt so bad,,, but then comes what has been coined as "hero worship." You eat, sleep, breath this person, sometimes stooping so low as to stalk them. I hate to tell you this, but stalking is in NO way endearing to the person whom you admire! Stop it! Why worship someone who doesn't even know you exist?? What good comes of that?
While thinking on this I decided to list my own heros, just for posterity sake, to see if I exhibited any of these undesirable traits toward them.
1. God
- Now you may wonder why He is listed here, so I'll tell you. When I was 6 years old I realized that I was a sinner. All the bad things I'd done such as lying, fighting, having a bad attitude, were going to send me to hell and there was nothing I could do, of myself to rectify the situation. Nothing that is until God sent his only son, Jesus, to die for my sins on the Cross. How many people do YOU know who would give up their life for you? Because I prayed and asked him to forgive my sins and come into my heart, I now have assurance of a home in heaven when I die. If that isnt just cause for a Hero for the human race, I dont know what is!
2. My parents
- Proverbs 31:28 says "Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." My mother was a kindergarten school teacher for 20 years before she had my sister and I. She decided the public school system wasn't for us and proceeded to homeschool both of us (21 months apart in age) from K-12. If that in itself doesnt deserve the name "Hero" I dont know what does. Both my Mom and Dad strove to raise us in a Christian home, and I will always be grateful for that godly heritage they have passed on to my husband and I.
3. My sister and her husband
- As teenagers, it seemed my sister and I were always at each others throats about EVERYTHING! Things changed as we got older and my sister went off to college, I found I missed having someone to talk to. At that time we were going to a Calvinist Church and I knew something wasnt quite right, theology -wise, and my future brother in law was knowledgeable enough to tell me point by point, scripture by scripture where they were wrong. I have always been able to talk to Jason about anything, and I am thankful for such a spiritual mentor :)
4. My wonderful husband
- He is my hero, just because he is a knight in shining armor and I love him dearly. He knows all my faults, moods and tempers and still loves me. When I am down in the dumps, he gives me chocolate,,, when I have a spiritual question, he either knows the answer or studies the bible for an answer,,, he is not only the head of our home, he is the one God put in charge. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter man. :-)
There are many others I could name, my Pastor for instance and several missionaries in VERY hostile places who would think nothing of giving their lives so the Gospel message can be made real to the people whom they minister to.
These are my heros, they are ordinary, everyday people like you and me, who were made extraordinary through the blood of Jesus Christ. To worship them would be a sin and an affront to the one who made them. It is HE who should be worshiped. Remember that the next time you tape up your favorite singer, sports star or boyfriend/girlfriend.

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