Friday, February 19, 2010

Girls must have girl nights!

It must be a written law somewhere that girls HAVE to have some sort of girls night in. There are some elements that are vital to these activities and some that just muddy the waters on the subject. I will try and expound on this,,, as I am a great expert,,, being of the female gender myself :)
First there must be a large number of girls present for such an event to take place. More than 5 is the general rule of fun. If there happen to be less, just make sure that at least one of the girls has a personality big enough so the fun is not lessened by less girls present.
Another element needed is food. Salty food, sweet food, liquid food; there is not a set rule on what to have. If more than one girl is on a diet, diet food is then introduced and accepted by all, to be polite to those starving themselves. Candy inevitably makes an appearance in ALL instances, sometimes in secret if said dieter happens to be throwing the party.
Pillows and sleeping bags/blankets also are a main staple, seeing as sitting, sleeping, drooling or reclining on the floor is made VERY uncomfortable without them. They also make great props for practical jokes, such as the mixture of all shampoo, conditioner and hair product in the bathroom poured on the hair of the unlucky target. (This is why I never slept at such events) If you happen to find friends who are above such pranks, you are truly blest!
Finally, movies round out the list of musts. The older the participants,,, the mushier the movie. For instance the 15-20 age group might watch "The Princess Bride", "Anne of Green Gables" or "Bride Wars". Any age above that will probably have a Cary Grant marathon, for which I am a BIG fan.
On an ending note there are three things which cannot be present at such gatherings,,, its unheard of and would spoil the girl bonding time...
1. boys!
So that being said, I am dubbing next week "Have a girls night in" or if you are a guy "Go grab ice cream for the girls and then go do something else..." lol

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