Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keeping Warm on a Cold day

Now that Winter is here, there are a lot of reasons to stay inside, such as keeping warm! I LOVE winter time, but the snow and sunny freezing days look so much more inviting on tv or from the living room window. I guess that comes from growing up in a Florida climate when one never got to experience winter except from the Christmas specials on tv. How was I supposed to know that all those glorious mounds of sparkling white dust would be cold and wet? Oh well, we haven't had to worry much about that this year. One or two days of snow so far and then "poof" its melted.
I did, however, find a new hot drink that I LOVE! A proper English tea. 
What you will need:
Tea cup or Coffee mug
1 tea bag (preferably without the string)
a spoon
First you need to heat up your water in your tea kettle (microwaves are no match for a tea kettle, people!)
While your water heats up, take your cup of choice and put in your sugar(I use 2 1/2 teaspoons)
Place your spoon in the cup and take out your tea bag
Be sure to gently pull your tea bag apart to form a sort of pyramid shape(dont tear it or pull hard, just enough to get the shape)
Place your tea bag in the cup on your spoon
Pour the milk in on the side away from the tea bag,,, enough so that it barely touches the tea bag (if you prefer more, thats fine) 
When your kettle is ready, pour the water in on the tea bag side, holding your spoon in place
Gently move the tea bag up and down with your spoon against the side of the cup for a minute or so
Either use your fingers (be careful, its hot!) or another spoon, and squeeze the excess water from the tea bag and discard
Stir your tea and gently tap the excess off ... its the English way! :D
Enjoy with a ginger snap! :D
(as a side note, if you are not sure what tea to try this with, I use fruit teas and also chai tea and it is just delicious!)

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